Things My iPhone Sees – Oregon Coast

Norm and I recently took a one-week vacation to hang out with friends at the coast, and to visit with my dad and step-mom there as well. I took my “good” camera and got some nice photos, and I also was out and about with just my iPhone at times. This blog shares some iPhone captures. Background My intent here is to show the range of photos one can take with an camera phone. So the rules I followed were that IRead more

Things My iPhone Sees – Autumn

I often don’t have my DSLR cameras with me when I see something I want to capture. Thus the development of my photographic posts to Facebook with the hashtag #thingsmyiPhonesees. Here are things my iPhone has seen this Autumn:             Read more

A Walk Along Still Creek & Salmony Thoughts

I recently had about an hour to spend, alone and with my camera, walking along Still Creek. It was a beautiful mid-September day, warm and sunny, and I was hoping to find the salmon spawning. I also couldn’t help but marvel at the never-ending peace and beauty of the forest. By mid-September in years past salmon have been in pretty good abundance.  Unfortunately, there weren’t many salmon to see on this outing, but I made several halfhearted attempts to capture theRead more

20’ x 10’ Cityscape on Conference Room Wall

I recently did a very large project: a 20 foot long by 10 foot high single image of downtown Portland, Oregon, as seen from the top of a tall building in the South Waterfront.  This post goes into quite a bit of detail about how I accomplished this and the challenges along the way. In general I’ve separated the techniques from the challenges, to give you the option to skim the narrative more efficiently if you’d like. THE REQUEST IRead more

Fundy Blog Collage

My son is a programmer and works for Fundy Software. Fundy makes excellent software for professional photographers. I’m working with their Fundy Designer software to create albums, but today I’m playing with Fundy Blog Collage. It’s pretty damn cool, too. Once you have your logo saved within the app, creating the collaged image below from separate files on a hard drive would represent about three minutes of work. Easy peasy! These are details from a beach walk I took a couple yearsRead more

Knox-Wilson Wedding

Lauren and Derek’s Pagosa Springs wedding was a privilege to photograph. Lauren was a beautiful and relaxed bride and she and Derek made a lovely couple. They are fun to hang around, have truly wonderful families, and the wedding location was delightful.  Here is a sampling of photos. . .            Read more

Shooting Stars!

There is something magical about the night sky. If I am lucky enough to find myself far from city lights and can see the millions of visible stars and the amorphous Milky Way, I can’t help but be awed by the universe. Shooting a dark night sky can be both a mystery and a challenge if you haven’t done it before (and even if you have!). This blog walks you through the process I use.Read more

Hello Big Beautiful World!

So. My name is Alene, and I’m a photographer. I live in the Pacific Northwest and I photograph many kinds of things. Landscapes, nature, people, buildings. . . I like to capture a moment in time and freeze it so we can look at it and see something more than we see as time speeds by. Sometimes that’s an expression on a loved one’s face, or the way light rakes across a building, or the way snow stacks on aRead more