Hello Big Beautiful World!

So. My name is Alene, and I’m a photographer. I live in the Pacific Northwest and I photograph many kinds of things. Landscapes, nature, people, buildings. . . I like to capture a moment in time and freeze it so we can look at it and see something more than we see as time speeds by. Sometimes that’s an expression on a loved one’s face, or the way light rakes across a building, or the way snow stacks on a twig on a quiet winter morning.

My friend Misha, aka mishinctrl, inspired me by having an awesome blog about her life. I thought that perhaps I should finally make the leap and write a blog about my adventures is needed. And, let’s face it, sometimes I forget my own best practices around some kinds of photographic shoots, so having a blog that I can refer to and remind myself will be helpful for me, too! And then there’s just the exploration of new ideas and reporting on things I’ve tried, successes achieved, and lessons learned.

So. Stay tuned. . .

. . . and if you want to visit my photography business website to see samples of my photography, just go to alenedavis.com


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